‘KicsiKitchen is a passion of family traditions with gastronomic heritage from the different parts of Europe.’


My name is Veronika.

I am a Freelance Caterer, Cakemaker, Homebaker and also the founder of KicsiKitchen. I am a qualified Catering Manager and hold a BEc. I started my professional studies as a chef and confectioner where I learnt basic French gastronomy and pastry-making among other techniques.

After a few years work in Central Europe I moved to the UK. I did not move for professional reasons, I just simply fell in love with a British man. Now we have two children and as I always say, ‘plus a little one, KicsiKitchen’, our own creation, a little cake and catering business.

The name, KicsiKitchen comes from a Hungarian and an English word, which means small kitchen (Kicsi is pronounced ‘kit-ch-i’). We started the business in 2016, the year my daughter was born. This is the reason for our logo – A little girl with big ambitions reminding me of myself when I was young. 

When I was a child, as many little girls did, I spent lots of time with my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. They both cooked and baked passionately. All my love of food comes from them, traditions, stories and unforgettable memories. My Mum always told me: ‘Be there where you feel you have to be’.

I feel I have found my place. I love being with my family, I love being in KicsiKitchen more than anything.

Making real quality cakes and food, baking passionately as my Mum and Grandmother did gives me a purpose. I’m still educating myself. I’m learning a lot about British and Continental gastronomy from my German mother-in-law and my food expert sister-in-law. I am so lucky to have inspiring people around me and I can do what I love. 

The philosophy behind KicsiKitchen is a passion of family traditions with lots of gastronomic heritage from the different parts of Europe. We are all different but we all want to celebrate those moments that are really important for us.

Our Celebration Cake Range is based on our ‘Healthy Cake Theory’: Less butter, less sugar with more real contents! Our products are freshly made from the best quality ingredients. 

All of our orders are very important to us, so we consider them carefully and try to accommodate all of our customer’s tastes. It is essential for us to provide a reliable service, deliver in time and keep our customers informed about their orders.

At KicsiKitchen we aim to give our customers the best quality cakes and food to make their important occasions even more special.

 Thank you for choosing us!

What our customers saying about us

'It is a great service, once I had a big load of party food for a Christening, everybody (Brits and others alike) loved it, now had a big, delicious birthday cake with Ferrero Roche, yummy, and yet fairly light and very tasty cream, huge for the family... yet it is all going. Like a Patisserie - only for people who like lovely food! <3 Thank you!'
Eszter Kovacs
'Fantastic everyone enjoyed it and it was delivered on time definitely would have another cake made with them.'
Victoria Harney
'Amazing service! KicsiKitchen made a perfect birthday cake which everyone loved. We also had some savoury scones which were delicious I’m looking forward to the next birthday / party so I can make another order!'
India Phillips
'They do a fantastic job, with a brilliant communication, and no late at all. I changed my mind couple of times, and Veronika did not get fed up with me, she was more then happy to change my order at least 3 times. Birthday cake was amazing as a taste, as a look, as everything! Definitely will order in the future, and try more cakes, coz I know its worth it, and I won"t be let down! Thank you so much!'
Georgina Deak


We love to work together and support each other!

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